About me


My name is Camille Rice, and I am currently a Graphic Design student at Walla Walla University. This website is underway and has lots of work to be done on it! So please excuse the mess and unfinished elements! 

A little bit about me is that I love swimming in all bodies of water, eating Thai food, drinking tea, painting with watercolor, watching The Office, and  playing with my pup, Attila. If you can’t tell by 90% of my website content, my favorite colors are blue and white! 

One of my favorite feelings is the general feel of a relaxed sunny day at the beach with a warm breeze. I would love to give my design a relaxed, warm, and fun feel to it. I love playing with colors and photos that evoke the mood I want to see and feel! 


As I mentioned before, I like to express myself with inspirational colors and photos. Below are just some inspirational photos I have in mind. Click the Pinterest Icon below the photos to see more of my inspiration!