Attila is my 7-year-old Hungarian Vizsla. We got Attila when he was just 5 weeks old and if you have never seen a Vizsla puppy they have tons of skin and fur hanging over their eyes and limbs, which makes them look adorable. My family named him Attila after Attila the Hun, the bloodthirsty, aggressive, and ruthless leader of the Huns around 400 AD. Despite what his name suggests, Attila is the sweetest and most loving dog ever. Attila would never hurt a fly and is in constant attempt to get you to pet him. Even now, Attila is slightly smaller than most Vizslas, weighing about 45 pounds. However, he does not know that he is still bigger than many dogs. He is generally scared of most dogs if they are just a little aggressive to him. Little dogs boss him around all the time when playing! The way that Attila plays is he just runs super fast to get people or other dogs to chase him. He is very hyper and energetic, as most Vizslas are. When you catch him he flops on the ground and wiggles around all weird.

            Attila loves to go on hikes with our family, because we take him off the leash and he will run ahead of us, sometimes he doesn’t come back for a while, but we just have to call his name super loud, and in he’ll come. He also gets to go on bike rides with us, too where he can run around even faster! For some reason Attila really hates water, but sometimes he either falls in or follows another dog in. He really sucks at swimming so he sports the iconic “doggy paddle” where he flails his legs in and out of the water. If you are in the water with him, he will usually try and swim over to you to make you save him!

            Attila is also a big cuddler, but he is not usually allowed indoors because he loves the outdoors and gets extremely dirty, extremely fast! But after we wash him, he curls up in a ball by our couch and dozes off for a few hours and usually tries to sit on us if we are in the area.  He is also a BIG sleeper, he could sleep on his little bed all day, especially in the summer, when he gets really lazy and tired because of the heat. My sister sometimes brings her little dog’s bed to our house, and when she does Attila loves to curl up in it, even though it is way too small for him. He prefers it over his own large bed! Unfortunately, in the summer Attila occasionally gets sprayed by skunk. He doesn’t attack them, he just finds them tries to play with them, but of course just gets sprayed. In that case we usually have to wash him with tomato juice.

In conclusion Attila is a hyper and lovable goof! Enjoy the pictures! 

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