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    The Effects of a Life Spent on Your Phone

    After reading the article, “Have Smarphones Destroyed a Generation?” By Jean Twenge written for The Atlantic, I have come to form my opinion on the over-usage of smartphones. I believe that smartphones are making it difficult for people to gain a social life outside of their own phone because social media, texting, and calling are so easy to access. People whose social lives are contained on the phones feel more depressed, lonelier, and have higher suicidal rates. Suicide rates are the highest they have ever been, most likely due to affiliation with our smartphones. Since 2007, the homicide rate among teens has declined, but the rate of suicide has increased. Because teenager…

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    Attila is my 7-year-old Hungarian Vizsla. We got Attila when he was just 5 weeks old and if you have never seen a Vizsla puppy they have tons of skin and fur hanging over their eyes and limbs, which makes them look adorable. My family named him Attila after Attila the Hun, the bloodthirsty, aggressive, and ruthless leader of the Huns around 400 AD. Despite what his name suggests, Attila is the sweetest and most loving dog ever. Attila would never hurt a fly and is in constant attempt to get you to pet him. Even now, Attila is slightly smaller than most Vizslas, weighing about 45 pounds. However, he…

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    The first four Gospels in the New Testament (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) are my favorite books in the Bible. I have taken a class on the Ministry of Jesus which generally studies Jesus’ life from his birth to after his death and resurrection. I have also taken a class on the Parables of Jesus which I find to be very interesting. I find it fun breaking down the parables to understand the “hidden” message behind them. I am just going to briefly talk about two of my favorites.  My first favorite appears in Luke 7: 41-43, the Parable of when the money lender forgives unequal debts. The context of…

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    Design Principles

    For this Winter Quarter, I took Design Principles 1 class. This class gave me some knowledge on Product Design and three dimensional design. We had 6 general compositions to make- one due every week, then two actual design projects, and then a final project which we are given two weeks to complete. For each composition or project we are required to make, we must take into consideration the hierarchy of the form. We absolutely must have a dominant, subdominant, and a subordinate piece. Rectilinear Compositions The first composition we were given was rectilinear compositions. Being that the forms we were supposed to use were simple, it was easier. For the…