Design Principles

For this Winter Quarter, I took Design Principles 1 class. This class gave me some knowledge on Product Design and three dimensional design. We had 6 general compositions to make- one due every week, then two actual design projects, and then a final project which we are given two weeks to complete. For each composition or project we are required to make, we must take into consideration the hierarchy of the form. We absolutely must have a dominant, subdominant, and a subordinate piece.

Rectilinear Compositions

The first composition we were given was rectilinear compositions. Being that the forms we were supposed to use were simple, it was easier. For the project, we must take into consideration the inherent proportion: proportions with a specific element of length, width, and thickness; comparative proportion: proportions of one element in relation to another; and Overall proportion: overall configuration of a group of forms. 

Rectilinear Rhythmic Compositions

This second composition we were supposed to use the same or similar design from our first project and them improve while adding rhythmic elements to the entire design. This was tricky because I had to improve it and add rhythm without messing up the hierarchy of the whole thing. It was important to keep in mind the implicit space and allow hierarchies to be nested within hierarchies, as well as to make sure the elements created tension of awareness between axes, volumes, planes or edges. 

Curvilinear Compositions

This project was completely new because we had to create round and curved shapes, which requires a lot more work. We were to use 3 different curvilinear foam shapes and make a composition that is pleasing to look at and the pieces must be complimentary to each other. We also were to make a balance of directional forces from every position possible using either dependent balance, independent balance, or precarious balance.

Group Movement Compositions

This project was probably the hardest yet for me. We were required to use 5 rectilinear and curvilinear forms and put them together to make a relationship that has dynamic balance. We were to establish visual continuity by positioning the axes, and it may have been the case that multiple forms can create a single axes.

Fragment Compositions

Fragments were my favorite to create because we were to start out with a geometric solid that was curvilinear, then split it into 3 pieces that establish hierarchy and look complimentary together in a single composition. We were to keep in mind the movement of all the axes, which made it difficult to make a great composition. 

Planar Compositions

Planar Composition was a new concept and was fun to mess around with. We were required to use a mix of straight axis planes, curved planes, broken planes, twisted planes, complex axis planes, and grouped planes. 

Design Project : Bose Speaker

Our first design project we were to create a speaker that could be used as a surround sound set or could be used as a central sound system. We were supposed to make it so that the pieces had hierarchy and must look like they belong to set, fitting together some way, without being fragments. 

Design Project : OXO Salt and Pepper Shaker Set with Toothpick Holder

For our second design project we were to create a set of salt and pepper shakers and a toothpick holder. All three pieces must display hierarchy as well as look as though they belonged to the same set.

Final Project: Device For Sitting

Our final project is essentially to create a chair. 

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